Streaming/Content Creation

If you have a Youtube or Twitch channel and want to create content using Buried Alive, for public releases you have our permission to do so. or Buried Alive's private builds/demos we'll release permissions with each version.
To request a key, please fill the form below: Please click me

Other Questions & Business Inquiries:

For all other questions please use the form above. For business inquiries, please simply include "Business Opportunity" in your subject. Recruitments and job applications should be submitted through the Careers page.

Legal Matters & Unsolicited Materials:

Red Dot Studios is not in a position to accept unsolicited materials and any unsolicited documents, manuscripts etc along these lines will be deleted immediately. Red Dot Studios accepts no liability for these materials.

Only Red Dot Studios and its authorized distributors and licenses may use the Red Dot Studios's intellectual property rights in advertising, promotional and sales materials. Using our products or intellectual property rights does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our products or the content you access.

Guidelines for user/fan-generated content for non-commerical use are declared below.

Guidelines For User/Fan-Generated Content:

We all love video games and also fan-generated content for them. For fan creations, we simply ask you to put "Fan made, fan-created etc." to the title of your content. This makes it easier for us to share your beautiful work.