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Art Devlog 11.01.2019

Hello everyone I'm Berk Okten, Lead Designer and Story Write of the Buried Alive

Today we'll talk about our upcoming alpha build and its changes to the game overall. Back in late summer 2018 we released the first Alpha test build of the Buried Alive. We wanted to test how our basic gameplay mechanics play out. The main focus was to fixing the bugs and balancing the game.

This newer version of the Buried Alive will contain a fully reworked mesmerizing map, new interactions and ofcourse new secrets. With our second Alpha tests, we'll leave basic mechanics behind and dive straight to the fancy stuff.

Buried Alive's new Alpha map will contain a larger area with a similar layout to the previous one. You wont be lost in the map yet but this will be an important test for us to see how the game will perform in 3x3km large scaled maps.

The game will now contain new mechanics such as weapon upgrades, random weapon crates, easter eggs and some easter egg related actions we just cant reveal yet.

We're also planning on releasing a cinematic trailer for this map specific before its release. Stay tuned for more news from Buried Alive

We're Online.

In our first devlog we wanted to celebrate the website's opening. In future will be your place to see devlogs of the game, check out whats changed and whats coming up and also contact with us.